What type of wax do you use?

We currently use a para/soy blend specially formulated by us.

How long do I have to wait for my wax melts to cure?

Our wax only needs a short cure time, so they are ready to melt when you receive them. Some people do choose to give them an extra 2 weeks+ to cure, which is perfectly fine. This is a personal preference.

What does MTO mean???

MTO means Made To Order.

What does RTS mean???

RTS means Ready To Ship

What does TAT mean???

TAT means Turn Around Time. The estimated amount of time it takes for your order to be processed.

What is your TAT?

This can vary, depending on the season. At this time, we are estimating our TAT on RTS to be just a few days. TAT on MTO is estimated at up to 14 business days.

*Pet Hair Disclaimer: Although our pets aren’t kept in or around the production area, their hair is on me all the time, no matter what, plus my own hair. I do my very best to make sure there is no hair in your wax, please understand I don’t always see it.